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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spending some time on the trainer

Last night was the final night of Mike's parents visit and we planned on going to the movies.  I raced home so I could get a workout in before the 7:30pm viewing of Blind Side (awesome movie by the way!)  Since I couldn't get my lazy butt out of bed before work (putting that off until next summer, if possible), I came home and put in an hour on the trainer.  It's convenient and my "go-to" workout when I don't feel like doing anything.  I really don't mind it during the winter either, with a DVR full of shows that I can watch.  I sort of look forward to it (sick, I know.) 

Then, after my in-laws left this morning, I put in 2 more hours on the thing.  I am just trying to get a solid base of riding in this winter since it's the discipline I feel that I can improve on the most when I start IM training up again next spring.  Tomorrow is my long run.  Looking forward to some fresh air.  and then crazy Christmas shopping and house projects.