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Saturday, January 23, 2010

17 mile run

Shortly after 8am, I made my way out the door for this week's long run.  My long run goal pace is 9:30 and I haven't hit it yet.  I've been close but can't quite seem to hang on towards the end.  Well, today was very different. 

The weather was perfect.  Sunny skies.  Temperature hovering somewhere in the 30s and no wind.  I love Colorado winters.  Truly.  I chose the infamous 6.4 mile loop for today's workout.  I would swing around it twice before heading out and back to finish up the mileage.  It starts out fairly flat for about 1/2 mile then works its way uphill for 2 miles, then uphill for about another 3/4 mile before some nice decline on the way back.  With that said, my first 3 miles are definitely always slower than the last 3 but I get great "hill" training so I am ok with it. 

Here's how it all played out, again, aiming for a goal of 9:30 per mile:
Mile 1 = 9:31
Mile 2 = 9:38
Mile 3 = 9:47
Mile 4 = 9:15
Mile 5 = 9:28
Mile 6 = 9:33
Mile 7 = 9:28
Mile 8 = 9:46
Mile 9 = 9:48
Mile 10 = 9:30
Mile 11 = 9:13
Mile 12 = 9:17
Mile 13 = 9:42
Mile 14 = 9:14
Mile 15 = 9:41
Mile 16 = 9:12
Mile 17 = 9:18

Did I mention I LOVE my new Garmin?  It definitely pushes me to keep on pace.  The thing about this run is that I felt great the whole time.  I was wearing brand new running shoes, which helped tremendously.  It became ridiculously obvious how destroyed my old pair were.  So, the miles where I was running 9:40 something I actually am running uphill approximately 200 feet (according to the mapmyrun.com website.)  As you can see too, I really need to "warm up" before hitting faster times.  This is great news, great news indeed.  Next time, I absolutely must wear my heart rate monitor so I can get a good idea of where I'm at.  I felt like I was top of z2, bottom of z3 for this whole run.  I hope I can keep hitting these times.  I averaged 9:29 per mile overall.  I am ecstatic!



Keri said...

Great job! I did mile repeats last night. I am trying to get faster and can tell the speedwork has been helping! Thanks for inspiring me to do the mile repeats!

KK said...

Nice! Congrats, you are truckin right along my friend. Also, that Garmin is a blessing and a curse. It's so great for your goal specific workouts but I have this friend who tends to get carried away on workouts that should be slow and easy-she tries to push herself when looking at those numbers when she should be taking it easy. Any advice for me-err I mean, her?