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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The beloved 1/4 mile repeats.

Ok. I am starting to love speedwork. I mean, really, really love it. It’s quick, yet painful but I am finding that it’s getting easier. I am still sticking to the treadmill for this training because it’s too dark out by the time I can begin it.

Tonight, I ran 12 quarter-mile repeats with a tenth of a mile recovery in between. I started at 7.5mph and adjusted up one-tenth of a mile until I hit 8mph and then started again at 7.5. I felt a lot stronger than I have in the past and found that it was not as grueling as it has been previously. I am going to have begin at higher speeds and this is pretty cool coming from the girl who used to hate speedwork.

I am really getting anxious and excited for this season – not only in marathoning but triathlon as well. I am definitely focused on my run and its finally starting to show. Mike said he has never seen me work this hard. He is so right! I feel like this is my time and I don't think have ever been more driven. Nothing seems impossible anymore...

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Keri said...

I cannot believe you did 12 of them! You are like a speedwork goddess!