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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun at the gym

Tonight, Mike and I went to the gym to work out together.  Of course, it was so incredibly crowded that although we were doing the elliptical, we couldn't get on 2 that were next to one another.  So, for 45 boring minutes we marched on, occasionally sneaking a glance at one another.  I kept  my HR very low because my running workouts tend to be very aerobic.  Plus, I need to burn off a little 'fat' from this winter and this was the perfect workout for that.

We then proceeded to the weight room for a leg workout.  This would be exactly the second time I have done a complete leg weight training session in well, many years.  However, after speaking with a body builder turned cyclist who also trains athletes and coaches track, I decided to give it a real effort.  I want to be fast and powerful.  This has been my goal for 2010 so I want to continue to do things that will get me to reach that goal.  I have to revamp my weightlifting regimen and opt for very low weight and very high repetition to mimic the type of muscle fiber I want to have in triathlon (so, heavy weights ain't gonna do it!)  So, with that said, from now on, instead of heavy weight -10 reps X 3 times, I am going to lift low weight for 25 reps X 3 times.  I certainly felt the burn I tell you.  Wow.  I did get through the entire routine though with Mike at my side and found that it wasn't so bad.  Just keep on shocking the body - feeling alive and making it work.  I think I'm going to like this new weight training program. 

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