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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saturday/ Sunday

After sleeping off enough of my New Year's Eve celebration, I was ready to get back at it.  Mike and I spent a better part of Saturday running errands and so by the time it was evening, I realized that I hadn't worked out yet.  A quick hour on the trainer and I felt revived.

Sunday, woke up early to tackle my long run.  It was perfect weather - upper 20s but sunny and no wind.  I was excited to try out my new Christmas present - the Garmin Forerunner 405.  It was simple to program and even simpler to use.  My "goal pace" was 9:30s based on myraining plan.  That is tough for me to maintain but having the watch made me feel more accountable as I really pushed myself for that pace.  Now, I can assure you if I lived at sea level, that pace would be a piece of cake.  However, even after living here 8 years, I just don't find that it's easy to motor on longer runs.  Plus, I'm just lazy.

Finished my run and felt terrific.  No foot issues.  No tightness in the IT band or quads.  Hips were rocking and rolling.  Incredible.  I love when runs are this "easy."  Ended up averaging 9:47s per mile.  A pace I will gladly take.  If I keep up the speedwork, I am sure that I will be faster.  Just 75 days til the L.A. Marathon...

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