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Sunday, January 24, 2010


What a relaxing morning. I slept in. Loved it, as it’s a rare occurrence indeed. Was going to try and get out to Boulder to meet up with the Average Skirt for a swim at her sassy new health club but 8:30am came too quickly. Plus, considering it’s been approximately 2 ½ months since my last swim, I didn’t to make a complete fool out of myself in front of anyone I knew. I was seriously worried I wouldn’t remember how to swim. I wish I were kidding.  but, I wasn't.

I headed to my health club around 11:30 and did leg weights. Afterwards, I totally sucked it up, got my pasty, wintery body into my way too worn out 2 piece from last season and got my ass in the pool. Thankfully, it was dead. And so was I. after 800 meters. I need to ease back into swimming, that’s for sure. My arms and shoulders were exhausted and my breathing was a little heavier than I would have preferred. But, the cool thing is that I haven’t forgotten how to swim. Phew! I think Sundays are going to be designated swim days until I need to ramp up my pool time.

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