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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Training and goals.

I have been diligent with my marathon training program as I finish up week 6.  I continue to follow the FIRST aka Less is More Marathon program that I discovered on Runners World years ago. I run 3 days a week – speed work, tempo and long runs. And although it’s all based on your 10k time, which I have NEVER run, I have estimated a 10k and have been hitting my goal pace times (within 10 seconds) on most of my runs. Without having to worry about high swim and bike volumes, I am noticing that I can hit these faster speeds with less effort as my body is much more rested.

I hear and read about friends that run 40, 50, 60+ miles a week and I shudder. I can’t go back to that kind of volume. I don’t think my body could handle it anymore. Especially my feet. I am pretty sure that my biggest week of running is approximately 35 miles. Sounds puny, right? But guess what? If puny is all it takes to run a 3:45 marathon in L.A., then I’ll take it. Because folks, that’s my goal. My fastest marathon is a 3:36 (on that same puny less is more program no less) and it would take all the stars lining up on 3/21 to beat that. Hey, maybe it will happen. The course is at sea level and is set up fairly flat with some nice downhill. However, I am realistic. Realistic goal #1 – break 4 hours. Why? Because since I started this Ironman silliness three years ago, I haven’t been able to do so. Semi-realistic goal #2 – break 3:50. Why? Why not, it sounds fast to me. Dreamy goal #3 – Run a 3:45 to qualify for Boston. Again. Why? Because I love Beantown! If I can continue training at the intensity I have been, I would say my goals are all pretty realistic.  And on top of that, I will just close my eyes, make my wish and blow...because a little luck can't hurt either, right?

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Keri said...

Girl, I am impressed with your PR of 3:36! I may have to check into trying the FIRST method. I have debated about trying the Pfitz method, and I think it is just too brutal for me!

I wish you the best of luck running the LA Marathon! You can do it!