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Saturday, February 6, 2010

15 glittery miles

I am finding that waking up on Saturday mornings is very similar to Christmas morning.  The week leading up to this is filled with anticipation and excitement.  What is Santa going to leave me at the end of my long run?  Will it be gold and glittery or a big, fat lump of coal.  Was I good all week, deserving of something bright and shiny?  or would my gift be lackluster and dull?  My long run goal pace is always 9:30 but I needed to up the ante today, for myself.  It was a pull-back week so why not see if I could hit 9:20s overall.  I was a bit tired, with only 6 hours of sleep but a half-cup of coffee got me going.  The weather was again, perfect, at 30 degrees and overcast.  I am finding that I am appreciating these cooler temps, surprising indeed.  

Left about 9:30am and  here's how it went, as compared to last week's 17 miler...
Mile 1 = 9:06, 16 seconds faster
Mile 2 = 9:12, 9 seconds faster
Mile 3 = 9:20, 17 seconds faster
Mile 4 = 9:12, 12 seconds fater
Mile 5 = 8:56, 34 seconds faster
Mile 6 = 8:54, 29 seconds faster
Mile 7 = 8:50, 36 seconds faster
Mile 8 = 9:01, 21 seconds faster
Mile 9 = 9:09, 16 seconds faster
Mile 10 = 9:15, 13 seconds faster
Mile 11 = 8:50, 36 seconds faster
Mile 12 = 8:48, 34 seconds faster
Mile 13 = 8:41, 50 seconds faster
Mile 14 = 8:54, 32 seconds faster
Mile 15 = 8:45, 40 seconds faster
Average pace = 8:59 per mile, 26 faster per mile

I think I actually teared up when I finished.  Seriously, I am such a baby! I was pretty tired from this week's training sessions in the gym and I was NOT expecting this result.  I couldn't have dreamed for this much success.  Despite the fact that I am carrying an extra 4lbs which Mike is convinced is muscle, I am getting faster.  Whatever I am doing I am going to just keep doing it.  Next week is my first 20 miler and I am both anxious and nervous as to how it will play it out.  I am going to get to bed early each night, eat as healthy as I can, stretch as much as possible and hit all my workouts, hard.  6 more weeks until L.A... hopefully Santa has his eye on me and will give me the best gift of all, a PR.  What a fantastic early Christmas present that would be!

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