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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 mile tempo run and spinning it out

What a surprise!  It was nearing 50 today and I couldn't bear the thought of running on the treadmill *again* so I took my tempo run outside.  Goal pace was 8:30-8:35 per mile.  I swear, this seems too fast for me and sure enough, I hit my first mile and it was 8:20.  I am loving this speed - something I had not thought I could ever be capable of but when I actually decided to do the work?  Well, you already know.  Finished the run in just over 42 minutes, averaging 8:27 per mile - just 15 seconds over my goal race pace in just 3+ weeks.  I am both anxious and nervous about sea level.  I don't want to get ahead of myself and blow up early on just because I have 'big lungs' coming down from altitude.  I sent the race course elevation profile to my Coach and he outlined my race strategy and I am going to follow it as best I can. 

Afterwards, I was 'feeling the burn' so I decided to change into some cycling shorts and spin my legs out for an hour, breaking up some pretty heavy lactic acid.  High revolutions, low resistance.  I should have worn my heart rate monitor on my run to see where I was at but since I am getting re-tested next week, I didn't think there was much point.  I am really hoping to see that my threshhold is higher and that is the reason I am able to run these faster times for longer intervals.  That happens on Wednesday and I am really excited!!


KK said...

Nice pace-don't worry about the sea level. Even pulling back just slightly will leave enough gas in the tank for the end of it. You are going to rock it. Also, glad you're okay :).

Christi said...

Great job on your pace! Good luck with your race!