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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cupid's holiday

Valentine’s day…my sweetheart and I actually exchanged presents earlier in the week. Unbeknownst to us, we gave each other the exact same gift! New, personalized iPod shuffles – Mike’s is green and on it is etched “HTFU 140.6 miles” and mine is hot pink (naturally) and engraved on the back is “Be Extraordinary!” They’re incredibly tiny and just. plain. cute. And that’s not all…we then gave each other waterproof headphone systems so that we can listen to music while we swim. I am so excited! Of course, I need to actually swim to use it. Not the most romantic of gifts but awesome that we know each other so well.

After yesterday’s tough run, I opted for the gym today. A lazy 90 minute succession of stair climber, recumbent bike and elliptical. I cannot imagine doing these types of workouts on a daily basis – I would go insane with boredom! Soon enough, I will be biking, running and swimming and when that time comes, I am sure I will wish (at times) that all I had to do was 30 minutes on the Stairmaster. This year is going to be my toughest IM training. Why? Because I want to shave 68 minutes off my time. Lord. Help. Me.

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Christi said...

Good Luck with your training!