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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting caught up

Let’s see…what has happened in the past week?

¼ mile repeats, two sets of upper body core circuit, two sets of leg weights, endless miles on the trainer and a 15 mile treadmill run at an 8:58 pace. Sunday, I explored the pool with my brand new waterproof headphones for my iPod. It was awesome! I thought it was going to be weird but it was oddly relaxing and I was able to knock out 2000 meters. Hey, it’s a start. I need to get in the water more often and the music will definitely keep me motivated. Before I know it, I will have to hit the pool 3 times a week so I am glad I have a new toy to make it more fun.

Monday night I was treated to a much needed massage. Jess worked on my left ankle – it’s been bugging me a little lately. There’s a lot going on in my left leg below the knee. It was blissfully painful but I think I am on the road to healing. I need to keep working on it on my own. Thankfully, this weekend is my final “long” run before L.A. and I can spend some more time in the pool, resting these legs… they need to be ready to fire at full throttle on March 21st.

Also, had a little health scare but it all turned out OK. I was experiencing really bad bloating, similar to what happened 3 years ago which resulted in a nasty cyst being removed along with a fallopian tube. I was able to get in to see my obgyn today and the ultrasound came back perfect! Perhaps it was just some serious GI issues and I am already feeling better. Strange. (Maybe I just need to lay off the brussel sprouts for awhile!)

Looking forward to wearing my new kicks for tomorrow’s run – I am still in the Nike Air Pegasus. They come in wide and I just love ‘em to death. Not sure if I am running tempo or speedwork but either way, it will be inside. It’s still a little too icy out for me. Come on Spring…start making your way home!

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