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Thursday, February 11, 2010

mile repeats.

I definitely did not plan this week's running schedule out all that well.  Typically, I would never run back to back days, especially with speed training but I had no option.  It is supposed to snow Sunday so I really want/need to do my long run on Saturday.  At least, I would have Friday off from running, hoping that is is going to be enough recovery.

Took my mile repeats to the treadmill.  About half-way into my first mile, I realized I was going about 1 minute per mile to slow, adding time to my 10k pace rather than taking off time.  I thought it felt slow, as I started off running about an 8:40 pace.  Oops, I should be running about a 7:40 minute mile.  It dawns on me...OH SHIT! I need to speed this up.  I spiked the speed up to 7.7 mph and tried like hell to settle in comfortably.  There is just nothing to comfortable to running that fast (for me.)  However, I sucked it up three more times before leaving the treadmill; a sweaty, destroyed mess.  Wow.  I was tiiiiiiiiired.  Made it through about 5 of the 6 leg weights that I normally do before calling it a day.  Note to self: never, ever run back to back like this. AGAIN.

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