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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tempo run.

Today turned out to be a gorgeous day so I ditched the gym and took my 8 mile tempo run outdoors.  I wasn't sure if I could hit an 8:45-8:50 pace outdoors but I was certainly going to try.  I continue to underestimate my abilities and I was hoping to prove myself wrong this afternoon.  

Thanks to my trusty training partner, the Garmin Forerunner, I am able to capture my splits and I am still thinking this is the coolest invention of all time. 

mile 1 8:42
mile 2 8:35
mile 3 8:48
mile 4 8:44
mile 5 8:50
mile 6 8:51
mile 7 8:56
mile 8 8:45

Average pace 8:46.  That wasn't as hard as I thought.  This was quite a personal victory.  I have to stop setting up these mental road blocks and doubting myself.  That is about 100% part of the problem when it comes to my success, in just about everything I do.  I have no idea where I got the idea from that I wasn't worthy of happiness OR success but it has stuck with me for years.  Day by day, I chip away at that boulder that has been blocking my road...one day, it will be gone and I think that day is going to come a lot sooner than I think...

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