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Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a difference a day makes.

Hard to believe I was panicked (and worried) just one day ago with weird bloating issues and today I wake up completely fine.  My weight is actually right where I have wanted it to be (for weeks now) and more importantly, so is my waistline.  Hm.  I wonder what the hell was wrong with me?  I should seriously deep a food diary to find out what upset my intestines so much.  

After yesterday's tempo run, I wasn't sure if I should do my speedwork tonight.  Last time I did back to back runs, I was so sore and not fully recovered for my long run.  However, I was feeling pretty good and so I went to the gym to find out if that was true.  Of course, as I was driving to the gym, while it was snowing and my car heater was toasty warm, I started to lack any and all motivation to run. let alone, run fast.  BUT I started to think about my goal - race day - and knew that these last final workouts were imperative before I start to taper.  

Inspiring myself, I put on my SkirtSport's "Catch me if you can" tank top along with my cute Sweetest Thing Tattoo CapriSkirt and approached the treadmill confidently.  I caught a glimpse of myself in one of the [thousands of] mirrors in the gym, and smiled.  You can do this.  Go rock the repeats.  Sometimes, looking great really does make you feel great!

3/4 Mile repeats.  Probably my least favortie speedwork distance.  at 10K-45 seconds.  Again, I don't have a 10k pace since I've never run one so I randonly chose 8:15 minute per mile.  So, this meant running 3/4's of a mile at a 7:35 pace/7.9 mph.  6 times.  Shit. Do I have that in me tonight??  Let's find out!  Warmed up for 5 minutes and jacked up the speed on the treadmill to 7.9 miles per hour.  Wow.  That's fast [for me.]  BUT it felt good.  I managed to get the first 3/4 mile, no problem.  My head didn't feel like it was going to explode.  My legs didn't feel like they were going to fall off. All I could think was "I'm peaking right now."  This is cool!  I ended up only running 5 repeats.  I was sweating like a pig, my legs were definitely tired and for timessake, I wanted to get in my upper body core circuit so I cooled down.  But since I was originally going to skip this workout, I was pretty psyched by what I had accomplished.  It was beginning to feel easier to go faster.  A brand new (and very foreign) concept to me.

Made my way through 3 sets of uppder body core circuit training and was exhausted, physically and mentally.  However, I knew there was a delicious Chicago style cheese pizza waiting for me at home and a big glass of Cabernet so it was all worth it in the end. 

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Christi said...

Great job! I did not do as well on my intervals this week. I made it to the gym and warmed up but when it came time to run fast the wheels fell off. I don't know why but I think it was residual ski fatigue and a bad diet this week. Thanks goodness I can redeem myself next week!