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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Custom orthotics = Great Speedwork

After the massage, at home e-stim and new running shoes, I decided I needed to go all the way with running and get orthotics. Up until now, I had gone to two separate people for custom orthotics and they both SUCKED so I had very little faith. However, Mike swears by R.L. Smith's handiwork with In-Step in Boulder so I made my way out there tonight. 

Within about 30 minutes I walked out of there with a new pair of orthotics and R.L.'s stamp of approval to start running in them immediately.  Really?  No break-in time?  No easing into running?  Nope.  Just go for a run and see if you like em he encouraged.  Ok, well, you know me!  I headed straight to the East Boulder Rec Center to hit the treadmill hard. 

12 quarter mile repeats later and no pain.  Sheer and utter comfort.  It was incredible.  If I didn't look like such a dork I swear I would have started pumping my fists when I finished.  The key to how he made them centered around my natural standing stance.  And if you've ever seen me standing around well then you'd know.  I have a nickname - duck.  So, you can only imagine how my feet must rest.  At any rate, he made the orthotics to compliment my natural foot stance and didn't try to correct my stride by turning my feet in, but rather set the arches to support the fact that I stand with my feet angled outwards, like a duck.  and it worked.  I can't wait for my long run this weekend.  That will be a good indicator if all of this is working.  No numbness will mean one happy duck footed runner!

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