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Friday, April 23, 2010

Playing catch up again.

The past week seems to have come and gone, much like a tornado. I feel like that there is so much going on around me…at home, at work, in training and with my family…I feel like I am headed towards a better place mentally but I still need more calm in my life.  That’s why I am so excited and anxious for next weekend’s 5 day escape to San Diego with my husband. A romantic and relaxing trip that is loooong over due.

This past week, as I mentioned was full of many unexpected things so I was able to turn to training for the most part as a constant, calming occurrence. I get my schedule emailed to me every week from my Coach. I look at it. I print it out and put it on the fridge. I do it. Totally simple. It’s something in my life that every day I know will happen and that I can count on (or not if I blow it off!) I guess in the midst of chaos, I find much comfort knowing that I will release some stress or gain some strength from each workout and for that I am incredibly grateful. So, amidst my crazy week personally and professionally, this is what I managed to accomplishment athletically…

Saturday 4/17 ~ 26/6 Brick
My first ride/run of the year and it did not disappoint. I can’t tell you enough how much I love running after a ride. Although I am still content with riding inside, I enjoyed watching my tv shows before heading outside to finish my brick. My legs felt awesome. Totally solid under me. My shoes are still iffy. Love the Brooks but they aren’t wide enough. I went so far as to take a knife and cut slits along my pinky toes to give me more room but no luck. Still. Too. Tight.

Sunday 4/18 ~ 1500 Meter Swim
After having an incredibly wonderful time at dinner with our friends, the Dickerson’s, I wasn’t feeling 100% (too much red wine) and was dreading the swim. Drove my sorry ass to Boulder and met up with the Average Skirt for an incredibly below-average swim. However, it was all worth it because I got to hang out with my pal and just be silly. Every now and again, you need a workout (or lack of) like this.

Monday 4/19 ~ Rest day, Massage
After yesterday’s incredibly insane, brutal swim [note the sarcasm], I was really needing a massage. Ok, my swim was weak but so was the rest of me and what better way to gain strength from within then to lay down on Magic Hands’ massage table. 60 blissful minutes of rest and rejuvenation. It’s just what I needed!

Tuesday 4/20 ~ 15 Mile Ride, 3 Mile Tempo Run
Up at 5am to knock out one workout before work so I could get one in after. Thankfully, 2 very short distances for each discipline. My morning ride was uneventful. My late afternoon run was out of this world. 3 miles of ballz to the wallz running (I'll explain what that means later Mom!) My fastest mile ever outside – mile 2 – at a 7:05 pace. My lungs and throat were burning and my quads weren’t far behind. I am going to continue to push myself out of an insanely comfortable “running” comfort zone and push, push, push to get faster. Eventually, I’ll get this shoe/foot thing figured out too and when I do, whoah – watch out speed!

Wednesday 4/21 ~ 20/4 Brick
I am fortunate enough to work with extremely flexible co-workers so that at least once a week, I can adjust my schedule and go into work early so I can leave early and get a bigger workout done. Today, I opted for my brick rather than my long run. Caught up with the Biggest Loser on my ride and was psyched that Oneal was still in the game despite his hardships. If you watch the show, you know that he has been through so much and I find this 50 something year old obese man incredibly inspirational. I knew that my run was going to be incredible because of the effort I was going to put into it. And so after riding 20 miles, I threw on my running shoes and headed out. I returned 33 minutes and 56 seconds later and felt incredible, averaging 8:29s for 4 miles. A year ago, that number would have been 10:00s plus. Yup, that speedwork stuff works!

Thursday 4/22 ~ 1900 Meter Swim, 16 Mile Ride
Took a ½ day from work. We’re having new carpet installed on the entire 2nd floor this weekend and there was still some painting to be done before then. I got most of it finished before heading to the pool. The skies were gray, the clouds were wispy and the rain was in the air. It was a dismal day. Perfect time to hit the water. Swam 1900 meters and was feeling pretty good afterwards. No soreness surprisingly. I guess the body remembers how to do it. (slowly of course.) Wanting to get ahead of the game and have an optional rest day tomorrow, I knocked out another short ride – 16 mile tempo. Caught up on all the good Oprah shows from the past week and called it a day.

Friday 4/23  ~ Rest, New Kicks
I did a great job of training time management this week  (thank you stabilizer!) and was able to take a 2nd rest day this week.  I headed to Solepepper Sports after work - owned by the famous running couple, Alan and Shayne Culpepper in Louisville.  I told the sales guy about my foot issues and how I loved my Brooks but they were too narrow!  He suggested I try the men's version, as they would naturally be wider in the toebox.  DUH.  He was right!  The men's medium width is the same as a women's wide width.  Score!  So, I am a proud new owner of red and golden yellow men's 8 1/2 Brooks Ravennas.  Mike says I look like a Washington Redskins fan but personally, I say I look like more Ronald McDonald minus the red afro  No matter the color, as long as their comfortable and painfree for tomorrow's 15 mile run, I will be one happy little duck footed Mickey D runner and you can bet I'm going to have a supersized smile when I'm done!


KK said...

Wow! What a productive and speedy week. I agree, sometimes training can be a nice constant. Hope your new shoes work out better for you and more importantly, have fun in SD!!! Let's definitely get together when you get back :)

Christi said...

I am so inspired by your run times. I am in the 9-10 min/mile range right now and am working hard to get to 7-8 min/mile. Knowing that you can do it makes me believe in my self more. Keep up the great work!