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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 1 wrap-up

Despite starting out with such a small volume of training, I am finding that my days are packed and there is very little time to do anything.  Perhaps it's my fervor of spring fever or my lack of time management, but life seems to speeding by and I need to take some time and just sloooooow it doooooown.

I tried to follow Craig's training plan as closely as possible but I'm feeling pretty disoriented this year.  By now (mid-April) I would have been training for almost 2 months because of Wisconsin's race date (early-September) and I would only train for 26 weeks.  Well, this year I am racing 2 months later (early-November) but am training for 31 weeks so all of this seems so foreign to me and I am completely turned upside down.  I imagine I will get into some kind of groove but it will definitely take me 3 or so weeks to do it. 

This week's goals were simple.  3 bikes, 3 runs, 2 swims.  I'd say I came pretty close with 4 bikes, 3 runs and 1 swim?  Ok, ok, it's obvious.  I am putting off time in the pool.  That is going to be the biggest groove of all that I need to get back into despite my super swanky waterproof iPod and my sassy new training swimsuit (currently on its way in the mail.) *sigh* Soon enough, soon enough...

Monday: 18 mile ride,  5 mile run
Tuesday: 5.5 mile run - speedwork
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: 35 mile ride
Friday: 22 mile ride
Saturday: 15 mile run, 1600 meter swim
Sunday : 22 mile ride

Goals: 3600 meters Swimming, 75mi Cycling, 27mi Running
Actual: 1600 meters Swimming,  97mi Cycling, 25.5mi Running

Lessons learned: 1. Take one day at a time. 2. Get my ass in the pool.

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