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Saturday, May 15, 2010

2000 meter pre-race swim

I felt like I had to get in the water today.  The serenity of it was calling out to me.  Maybe the bubbles and the splashes would help me chill out...I am starting to get a little antsy about tomorrow's marathon.  Will my legs work?  I ran once this week but it was only 3 miles.  I am still sore in areas.  I want tomorrow to be fun!  But deep down?  I want it to be fast too!  I ran this race a few years ago.  The course was much tougher but I finished in 4:17 and had a huge hamstring cramp.  I really want to do better than that tomorrow but I am not sure if it is realistic.  Anyways, the whole point of swimming today was to relax me.  Um.  That didn't work.  BUT I did get in a great workout.  Not sore at all and practicing more bi-lateral breathing.  My massage therapist will be proud. 

The marathon start is at 6am and the weather looks perfect.  Mike is going to race-walk the half-marathon - this is his first race experience with his new style of 'running.'  6 knee surgeries.  He's one tough cookie.  Racewalking ain't no joke either.  Have you tried it?  Brutal on the shins.  and hips.  Ouch.  I will never ever chuckle at a race walker again.  Shame on me!

We're going to have a nice little quinoa pasta dinner in a bit and try to get to bed early.  I'm really excited about # 45.  Wow.  I am kind of geeked about that.  I am already thinking about # 50 ...it's going to be a bash.  Ok - stay in the moment K.  # 45.  Tomorrow.  Colfax.  Woohoo!

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