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Sunday, May 23, 2010

31/7 Brick

It's hard to believe the weekend is almost over.  We look forward to it all week and when it finally gets here, it just seems to speed on by.  Why is that?  and the work week just drags on and on. I can't believe I am already saying this but I really do look forward to the day Mike and I get to retire.  I wish we could retire first, while we're young and active and healthy.  Put a Benjamin Button perspective into the equation.  Then go to work when we're old and tired and not wanting to really do much.  I mean, who would fire an old person for frequent bathrook trips but when I do it now (drinking tons of water), I get weird looks.  Yeah, it's backwards I think.  Don't get me wrong, you're only as young as you feel but when you get to the point where your vacations are planned around the most accesible bathroom facilities, well, that doesn't sound too fun to me...but I digress...

Yesterday, I rode for the first time outside since my last triathlon.  I think I picked the windiest day in the 4 years I've been cycling to do it too.  What doesn't kill you or knock you off your bike makes you stronger.  Did I mention it was almost 90 degrees and clear skies?  I was wiped out to say the least.  I guess having run 2 marathons back to back factored in too.  duh.  BUT I did manage on a downhill to hit 44 mph.  It was awesome! 

I transitioned into my new Handful and Vintage Skirt. Let's not forget - I work hard but I want to look good doing it too!  [MEN: Skip the rest of this paragraph] I LOVE MY NEW HANDFUL - it's an incredible bra that gives the A cups a big boost and it's super comfortable.  It's completely supportive and sexy. Every girl should have one!

As I headed out for my 7 mile run, I knew within about 1 mile that it was going to be a looooong time before I finished.  Now that the spring marathon season is over, I really need to focus on my base miles which are much slower than what I have been doing since January.  I have target training heart rates and if I want to do well in Panama City Beach, I need to stay within the zones right now and "trust the plan!"  It was hot and windy and my heart was pumping overtime.  I had to take many walk breaks to bring down my heart rate.  As soon as I would start running again, it would spike.  I had 2 choices - do it my  way (run and ignore my HR) or the Coach's way (trust. the. plan.)  Well, let's just say it took me about 20+ extra minutes to get this run done.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and slow the heck down, especially when you have bigger fish to fry.  Everything I do from now until November 6th is critical in reaching my time goal for IMFL, hence the bigger fish.  My brick was simly a goldfish in a little pond. 

Mike and I capped off the night with Proto's pizza, some beer/wine and Invictus.  Such a shame I was too tired to stay awake to finish it...I guess I'll try another night.  And so Ironman training seems to officially have begun... hard workouts, lots of food, passing out during really good movies...welcome to Team Freisem's summer weekends!


Christi said...

Congrats on a great weekend of training! The weather was nice this weekend but I wish the wind would disappear. Oh well, can't have everything!

Go.2.Belle said...

and you want me to visit when? you'll be away all day and asleep by 8! wait...that's not so bad for a vacation I guess... :)