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Sunday, May 9, 2010

LA Marathon Redemption

Apart from the fact that I have been rather immersed in Ironman training these past few weeks, not having much time to blog, I did have one silly little marathon this morning to get out of the way before I could really feel whole before IMFL.  (run-on sentence, I know!)  Anyways, I returned to Ft. Collins for the 7th time today and despite having slept all of about 8 minutes -  not nerves but some meds I am on which a side effect is insomnia (not good!)  I felt ready to GO this morning at 6am.  It was in the 40s, clear skies and started in the Poudre Canyon - a gorgeous piece of nature.  The only thing that would have made today perfect would have been able to have my mom waiting for me at the finish line (Happy Mother's Day Ma!  I love you!!) 

The goal?  Get my ass back to Boston.  What did that entail?  Running a 3:45:59.  Something which I could not do in LA and was pretty heartbroken about.  And it would not be an easy task today at the Colorado Marathon.  The first 18 miles are gloriously fast, all downhill and pretty well protected for the most part from the sun.  Ideal.  Perfect.  Downright amazing really.  and then it flattens out and your quads start screaming at you.  Loud! 

I was well on pace at 13.1 miles at 1:49:11.  I needed to average 8:37's or better to get to Beantown - at this point, I had about 17 seconds per mile in the bank for what would eventually end up being a slower second half.  and Thank GOD I did! 

I was doing great until about mile 22.  Then the wheels fell off...9:05, 8:59, 9:15,9:08.  At this point, I looked at my actual time ~ 3:24 and change and thought, Ok - you have 21ish minutes to run 2.2 miles.  You CAN do this.  Despite wanting to completely stop. and walk. and throw in the towel. and give up. and say to hell with it.  9:10.  Ok - now you have about 12 minutes or so to run 1.2 miles.  Kristina - you can do this!  I can do this, right???  Shit!  Can I do this?? I picked 2 people running ahead of me and faster than me and just glared at their backs.  Stay within sight.  Make them your carrots.  Hunt them down.  Be a rabbit!

Mile 26.  Time check.  Almost 3:43.  OMG!  I have 3 minutes to run .2 miles.  I. AM. GOING. BACK. TO. BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final time: 3:45:11 (thank you Boston race director for granting us 59 seconds grace after our qualifying time of 3:45!!!)
Pace: 8:35 - 2 seconds to spare!
Overall place: 206/945
Gender place: 54/488
Division place: 10/90

and my feet?  They rocked it!!!!  No pain.  ALL GAIN!!!

Ok, it's setting in.  I am going back to Boston. Me.  Me?  ME!  [READ: Manic Euphoria]

Thank you everyone for all of your support, encouragement, nudging, shoving, and HTFU'ng!  My stars lined up today and I feel out of this world...  #44 is in the books and #45 next week will simply be my victory lap!


Jen said...


You deserve this so much! I am proud of you, your hard work and motivation...what an inspiration. Wow! So exciting...nothing like qualifying for Boston. Fantastic!!!

Christi said...

Congratulations! I can feel the euphoria from here.

Amy said...

Congratulations!!!! So excited and proud of you. You do deserve it. XO

RunnerChick said...

(I'm crying right now after reading your post.) I am so proud of you and thrilled that you get to go back to Boston! You have worked so hard and you deserve this. You are amazing. Now get back to work and go show 'em how it's done in Panama City Beach!

Keri said...

Congratulations! I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it! You rock sister!

Jenna said...

Awesome work. Love your self talk as you near the finish!! Way to go!!