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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spectating, Swimming and The Southern Sun

Big day today and it started early.  Met up with Massage Boulder at the Longmont Rez to support the beej and other friends racing their first triathlon of the season, the Summer Open.  I was happy to simply be a spectator because the water was chilly!  brr... many complaints from the triathletes dismounting their bikes that they could still not feel their toes.   I had a blast though cheering everyone on and it definitely got me excited for my own triathlon season to begin (in hot, HOT July!)

I headed to the pool afterwards for my long swim - 2600 meters.  Unfortunately the outdoor pool wasn't open yet - one more week. boo!  I felt good - definitely pumped up with adrenaline since watching this morning's race.  I am enjoying getting back into it. 

Tonight, we met up with the Gummy's and the Wilson's at the Southern Sun in Boulder for some beer on nitro, delicious, juicy hamburgers, fries with ranch dressing and looooong overdue laughs.  We were really missing the St. George's - they would have completed the original 2008 IMCdA crew.  It's hard to believe how much has changed in just 2 short years...

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