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Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 6 already? hm.

Having been so utterly wrapped up in last Sunday's marathon, I have rather forgotten the fact that I am actually training for an Ironman.  and I am in week 6 of training no less.  Although the primary focus this spring has been on my running, I have managed to log more miles on the trainer than I thought possible.  My pool time however is a little lacking.  (ok, a LOT lacking.)  The good (moreso relieving) news is that I started training about 5 weeks earlier than usual... so really, I am only about 25 weeks out from Florida.  phew!  Plenty of time to catch up.

I have yet to ride my bike outside since last October.  Wow.  That's so ridiculous!  I think I am going to make the move next week though (weather providing) and start rolling the wheels on the streets.  I am pretty reluctant this year to make the switch to the outdoors.  Not at all sure why. 

As far as swimming is concerned, I really want to focus on getting faster.  But first, I have to actually get in the water.  I am all about looking at my plan right now but not getting my feet wet.  Although, I am definitely extremely more comfortable in the water ... I have a serious lack of commitment to swimming. I haven't been to the pool yet this week but me and my pull buoy are headed there tomorrow.  Hoping to get in a 2000-2200 meter swim. 

Sunday is the Colfax Marathon in Denver.  I am looking forward to it!  After last week's incredible race, I am simply going to run by heart rate only.  I do have one goal (to break 4 hours) but apart from that, I'm just out there to have some fun...because after that, my REAL Ironman training begins.  Discipline, discipline, discipline!  


Christi said...

Good Luck at Colfax!

Amy said...

You still have more than enough time for FLA. And, hello, you have a hell of a base already. Hope you had fun yesterday - it was perfect outside!