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Sunday, June 6, 2010

10 mile run, 1050 meter swim and a whole lotta chores!

Love, love, love Sundays.  I used to be a big Saturday fan but I have recently made the transition over to Sundays.  I am not sure why but they seem more relaxed, peaceful and calm.  But truly they're not in my household - perhaps it's a tale I tell myself to psyche myself up for the work week that inevitably lies ahead.  At any rate, I just feel that I can go at a little slower pace, putter about the day so to speak and whatever happens, happens. 

I had every intention of knocking out my long run by 7am but I got caught up in the crawl space looking for God-only-knows-what and before you know it, I had a pile of crap that was set aside for the "garage sale."  The same said garage sale that Mike and I have been talking about doing for 5 years.  I think this is going to be the year.  Fingers crossed.  Somehow 7am became almost 9am and I stepped out into a perfectly sunny, non-cloudy day.  Although Yahoo weather claimed it was 78, running in it felt more like 98. ugg.

My poor legs.  Tired, oh-so-tired from yesterday's brick and yet I asked more of them, whispering to them...you know this is good training for Ironman!  They answered back, Eff Ironman sister.  Ok, ok, fair enough.  I fought for every mile and had a great run, finishing in 1:29:17  Splits were ~ 9:04, 8:54, 9:01, 8:49, 8:45, 8:48, 8:55, 9:15 (lost some steam there), 8:56 (got my groove back) and 8:50.  Average pace per mile ~ 8:55.  Outstanding!  and wicked beat. 

Muddled through more chores, grocery shopping, garden plant shopping and then got my butt in gear to meet up with an old friend at the pool.  She comes from a swimmer family and I was excited to see her swim stroke.  Oh, and her too of course!  I knew she would cream me in the water, despite recently having a baby, but I wanted to see if I could pick up some tips/pointers.  She asked me if I did speedwork in the water.  Um, yes?  Ok, sort of.  If I am in the mood.  I guess just like with running, you need to train faster to race faster.  Point well taken.  Afterwards, we hung out in the kiddie pool with her adorable 8 month old son and chatted away.  Her boy's a little lover and could maybe, possibly, make it OK with me if we had a boy.  But I am still rooting for a girl, of course.

Spent the rest of the afternoon, or what was left of it, enjoying my Sunday Funday with Mike and the girls.  Next Sunday will be even better because I will be doing what I love most, athletically speaking of course, and that's running a marathon.  Can't wait!  #46.

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Christi said...

Good luck on your marathon next week. I know you will kill it!