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Saturday, June 5, 2010

bRiCktAcuLaR SaTuRDaY!

My puppy has developed a bad habit these past few weeks...ok, first off I guess she's not truly a puppy, she's almost 2 and secondly I let her sleep in bed so that's my bad habit as well, but I digress...getting back to her bad habit.  She's up and ready to go at, like, 5:15am.  every day. Ugg. Tail waggingin' (ok, nubby because she doesn't have a tail) and paw smackin the side of my body and let's not forget the panting, it shakes the bed... need I say more?  So, my days seem start to pretty early all the time.  I guess that is cool in the summertime when it's nice and sunny and warm outside but this little annoyance of hers will definitely have to be put to rest come winter time.

I guess that really means that I just get a good jump start on my day.  Mike and I are finishing up some outdoor projects and the sooner I can hit the streets for my workout, the sooner I can be back and working.  yay.  [Read: SARCASM]

Since I cut my trainer ride short by 5 miles on Thursday, the OCD in me made sure to make it up on today's ride.  Rather than ride 34, I was going to ride 39 and follow it up with an 8 mile run.  It's brick day.  Hooray!  *actually very excited!* 

The morning was gorgeous as I rolled out around 8:30am.  There was a significant cloud cover which is a blessing in Colorado but also a very strong wind coming in from the Southeast, typical.  I headed out towards Boulder and felt really good.  Legs were definitely rested and I felt like today was going to go much better than last week's 51 mile ride, averaging a lousy 13.9mph.  Chose some flats and some nice hills out near Lookout Road to mix it up - it's so easy to find that here in Colorado.  Hit the turn around point and hit the wind but it didn't seem to bug me today.  Felt good to try and push through it and not be intimidated or angry - no point in that.  Saw Mike while I was finishing up as he was heading out.  I let Sleeping Beauty get more rest this morning as he is battling a few sore areas in his arm and knee. 

Got home in 2:19, averaging 16.8 mph - a  decent speed for me considering I have ridden outside like, 3 times? (Is ridden even a word?)  I still need to learn how to use the power tap too- not quite sure how it is supposed to help me.  um, yeah.  Quickly transitioned to my run and thankfully that same cloud cover was lingering.  Legs were pretty tired.  Ok, super tired.  I rode pretty hard (for me) and definitely hit LT a few times.  This was going to be a tough run but I needed to manage my mental state of mind.  It's only 8 miles, right?  eeks.  Push through the pain and find a groove.

It was tough though.  Wow.  My legs felt like shit.  Mile 1 ~ 9:08, Mile 2 ~ 9:15, Mile 3 ~ 9:27, Mile 4 ~ 9:14, Mile 5 ~ 9:16, Mile 6 ~ 8:58, Mile 7 ~ 9:02, Mile 8 ~ 8:59.  I have said this before and I'll say it again, I need about 5 miles to warm up on my run - especially the brick.  I am happy with how it ended though and I finally feel like I have put in a *solid* Saturday workout.  It's funny because last summer I was throwing down 10 minute + miles on my brick runs so I need to not be so hard on  myself.  2010 is my year...I am working my ass off in hopes that IMFL will be so wildly faster than my past 3 Ironman's....we'll see if "the pancake" does me proud or does me in. 

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Christi said...

Sounds like you had a great brick workout! Congrats and keep up the good work!