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Monday, June 7, 2010

So it kind of felt like I was wearing a sweater in the sauna riding a spin bike.

I have NO idea where this humidity has come from but HOLY COW IT'S HUMID!  I feel like we're in the deep south in the middle of August.  or Chicago. When I left work today and got into my car, the temperature was 99.  What the hay?  Seriously?  and the moisture in the air, it's well, quite frankly...strange.  Thankfully I had a short tempo ride - 18 miles.  Not very tempo though.  I felt like I was riding with a cheese cloth covering my mouth.  and I don't even really know what a cheese cloth is but it sounds appropriate.  So gross.  and we all know this...  I HATE TO SWEAT.  That's the beauty of living here - it's dry.  as in. No. Sweat.  but not tonight.  And there is nothing more disgusting than sweating onto the sunblock lathered limbs that are covered in every flying insect you ride through. Seriously.  I kinda miss winter. I am a wicked allergy sufferer and the silly little cottonwood or ragweed or whatever the hell it's called floating through the air to make it appear as if its snowing?  Yeah, really not cool.  BUT.  I am not complaining.  I am blessed to have my health (for the most part) and strong legs that carry and support me through this journey.  I am just really shocked at the weather is all.  But just like everything else, I will learn to adapt. [Read: no choice]

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