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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tension relief massage

Tonight's massage was quite different than usual.  With all this "stress" I have been dumping on myself, I needed some relief as I carry it all in my shoulders, neck and apparently jaw.  Jess was incredibly brave and did some intraoral massage.  Yes, she stuck her non-latex-gloved hand in my mouth and beat the shit out of my face from the inside.  It was so incredibly strange and relieving at the same time.  Then she worked on the outside of my face and I thought I was going to cry or puke or both.  I have been suffering from a lot of tension headaches lately and this was so helpful.  I feel terrific now and am ready to get to bed.  Hopefully more than 5 hours tonight.

1 comment:

Christi said...

That is a strange method but if it works then go for it!