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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Unexpected speedwork and trainer ride.

I tried to get bed early last night but before I knew it, 10pm rolled around.  I wanted to get up early and run before work.  Nothing major - a 4 mile OD run but I forgot to set my alarm and thankfully woke up around 4am to pee.  I had even forgotten that myplan was to run before work.  I should have just forgotten about it, most normal people would have and slept in.  BUT then I remembered how hot and humid the late afternoon has been and thought better of it.  1 more hour and then I would get my butt out of bed and get running with the sunrise.  I'm supposed to be taking it easy this week, with it being race week and all but it's just too weird for me.  For the past 2 years, I have been well into Ironman training by now and racing 2 months later is still foreign. 

4 miles was supposed to go by nice and slow.  Instead, I warmed up for a 1/2 mile, threw in six 1/2 mile repeats at a 7:45 minute per mile pace, getting down to 7:10's where I could and a 1/2 mile cool-down.  I needed to prove that I could still run fast when I wanted to.  Ironman training is waaaaaaaaay different than marathon training, I tell ya.  Took 30-45 second walk breaks after each repeat and still finished 4 miles in 37:00.   Thankfully my Coach doesn't read this blog.

Late stormy looking skies shifted my swim workout to a trainer ride this afternoon where I happily pedaled away to Oprah and the latest news on E!  No big deal as this ride wasn't even on the plan.  (again, thankfully Coach is too busy to know my every move!)  Rode for a little over an hour.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less threatening weather-wise so I can get my swim in.  Contemplating heading to Union rez for my first open water swim of the year.  Guess I'll just play that by ear.  Every day seems to bring something unexpected...

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KK said...

"Thankfully my Coach doesn't read this blog."

LOL-I'm telling!

Just kidding. Running in the morning is very refreshing-especially when you prove how speedy your legs still are.

Can't wait to raise a glass with you Sunday-good luck!