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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

16 mile run before 7:30am

With soaring temperatures in our midst, I elected to run this week's 'endurance run' before work.  And yes, that meant getting up at the unheavenly hour of 4am.  Well, at least that's what the alarm was set for.  However, I didn't emerge from my coma-like state until 4:20am. Shit. I'm late!  Nothing new for this Scorpio. 

I headed out at 4:40am and it was already close to 80.  ug.  I wanted to shed some layers but had none to shed.  Thanking God I would be running most of this in the pre-dawn light, I stepped out onto the quiet streets.  Today's goal? To run my goal Ironman marathon pace, which is a 9:07 minute per mile.  (That would put me at right about a 3:59 finish) 

The legs felt really good and despite a near-close-call-attack-of-the-yellow-bellied-bird, my run was peaceful and solid.  (Yes, I was literally attacked my this little mangey mutt of a bird as it dove and swooped down towards my head for the better part of a block.  Kinda scary as I have no defenses against a beak!  I was dodging and ducking and probably looked like a real ass to the cars on the street.)  I finished in 2:24:36, averaging a 9:02 pace.  5 seconds under my goal today and if I can continually solidify that kind of time for my long runs, on crazy tired legs, I have a really good chance of reaching my IM goal.  Hooray!

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Christi said...

That is awesome running! Keep up the great work towards your IM!

Damn birds!