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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boulder Peak (and then a little more swimming afterwards...)

Race day!  What an incredible feeling.  You wake up.  (at ass-crack dawn of course) and are jittery with excitement.  Of course it IS just another "training day" as I inch my way closer to IMFL.  I left about 5:10am and when I got to the Boulder rez, the sun was rising.  It was a gorgeous Colorado  morning. 

I made my way into transition and instantly starting running into my friends.  I love the Boulder triathlon community.  It's a very tight group and the faces are always familiar.  It sure makes for fun racing.  I got set up and made my way down to the swim start.  Again, more friends to run into and it always seems to me that I see the right people at the right time.  I was getting a teense nervous when I ran into the super star "Kohl" sisters...after about 1 minute with them, I was laughing and feeling at ease (as usual.)  I was the 4th wave off and grateful to be starting before 7am.  Who knew how hot it was going to get after 10am and there was NO WAY I was planning on finishing after that.  All I wanted was a sub-3 hour race.

The swim course was different than the previous year with the new race director.  It was clockwise and in some weird shape (not out/back or rectangular or triangular for that matter.)  I started off to the far inside (right) as I usally do thanks to Jess.  The siren sounded and I started swimming, trying to avoid everyone.  I was pretty successful and found my rhythm.  I had a great swim and managed to pass people in the waves in front of me.  What a terrific feeling to go from non-swimmer in 2007 to decent-swimmer in 2010.  It's a progress in the making.

Made a quick transition and headed out on the bike.  Felt good, tried to keep the breathing under control but I couldn't hold back.  I wanted to get up and over Olde Stage as quickly as I could.  The biggest plus was that Mike was dressed like the Devil, along with our buddy Steve - also dressed as a devil.  They were camped out on Olde Stage, cheering and heckling people along.  The second I spotted him, I broke out in a big smile and couldn't help but pedal faster.  The ride felt good, no hiccups to mention and I was back in transition.

Throwing on my running shoes is always my favorite part of the triathlon.  I'm in familiar and comfortable territory and running is what I do best.  The temperature was creeping up on me but I kept dumping water on me to stay cool.  I was hoping to be able to run sub-9 minute miles, something I haven't done previously. 

As I reached the  last mile and I looked down at my watch, I. got. emotional. 
Boulder Peak 2010 ~ 8 Minute PR!!!! 
Swim 32:41
T1 2:27
Bike 1:23:49 (18.6mph)
T2 1:34
Run 52:30 (8:28 pace)
Finish 2:52:59

Boulder Peak 2009 ~Results for comparison
Swim 35:44
T1 3:11
Bike 1:24:01 (18.6mph)
T2 1:32
Run 56:32 (9:08 pace)
Finish 3:00:59

I still felt like there was work to be done so I headed to the pool.  I need to get faster STILL on the swim.  2900 meters later, I was ready for some rest and celebrating... What a great day today was!


Christi said...

Congratulations again on a great race and then a swim afterwards! You are going to do well in IMFL!

Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you. You crushed the sub-3 hour mark! And I love, love, love the picture you posted. So cute.

Tricia said...


SimplySavy said...

Love the picture! I'm so proud of you. Maybe it was the energy we were not knowingly sending eachother that race day that helped us kill our races. Congrats and I am so proud of you.