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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mini tornadoes

By definition, a tornado is a violent windstorm and my life has been full of them lately.  Or so it seems.  I have lost track of time to say the least and I feel like I am lost beneath the thunderclouds.  Between training, work, traveling (Mike's included), my health, family stuff and well, more training, I am managing to fudge my way through my life and I can't seem to break free from the cycle of madness.  But that all ends today.  I can't continue to live like that or I really will have a mental breakdown.  I need to slow it down and sift through my priorities.  This is all temporary of course, until after Ironman Florida.  However, for the next 14 weeks I am going into what I call social life lockdown.  I hope my friends understand.  (if I still have friends left after this.)  

To get you caught up - we (Mike and I) recently spent an impromptu weekend in San Diego/La Jolla where we had an amazing time!   I recently discovered that I have a septal perforation aka hole in my septum as a result of it not healing properly after my deviated septum surgery last year.  I will have it repaired AFTER Ironman because of the 2 weeks I will have to spend with tubes up my nose.  Frustrating and the whistling noise is starting to drive me insane.  ugg.  In the meantime, my breathing has returned to normal.  yay.  Work has kept me busy and challenged.  *this is a good thing*  Family stuff, just lots of change.  Training. Ah, training... yes, it's getting bigger.  and I am rising to the challenge, waking up at 4:30am more days a week than I'd like to admit.  Here's what I have managed to accomplish in the past 9 days, which actually included 1 rest day so *technically* 8 days...

Swim 12,350 meters
Bike 185 miles
Run 30 miles
Training Highlights - running 8 miles on the beach, beside the ocean, in California, running 6 miles in 49 minutes at the track, biking 85 miles in St Vrain Canyon/climbing 5500 feet and swimming 4,000 meters in a salt water pool in La Jolla.

I love my life and I love training but I am getting to the point for Ironman where my life will become my training.  It's temporary and inevitable. 


jen-san said...

love you sis.

KK said...

Wow! That is a lot of mileage/meterage. That's what I'm getting done and I have all day, every day to do it. You are superwoman. Hang in there, girl!