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Thursday, July 29, 2010

[MORE] hay in the barn but my barn seems to be in need of a makeover

The days/weeks are now starting to blur together in typical IM training fashion. I am tired. I ache. I am bitchy as hell. Oh wait, that might not have anything to do with Ironman but I need to blame it on something. So, this week to date …

Sunday – Ran 14 miles. 2 short of the schedule but am pretty freaking happy I did it at all. I am pooped. Tired. Exhausted. Over it. I blew off a 2600 meter swim.

Monday – Combined my OD ride and OD run for a baby brick. 18 mile ride in 100 degree weather. GROSS. Sweaty. Followed up by a short 3 mile run. Love bricks, just love ‘em.

Tuesday – 40 mile ride*, 20 mile a.m. ride on the trainer and threw in an extra 20 mile p.m. ride on the trainer (almost done with Season 2 of True Blood.) When I feel lazy and want to skip a workout, I ride the trainer. Most people nap. Go to happy hour. Surf the couch. Yeah, there is something wrong with me. *Why am I adding workouts at this point?  

Wednesday – 10 mile run. Again, another *me feeling lazy* day and I wanted to skip training altogether. This was supposed to be my 15 mile endurance run but I opted to run 10 this night and 5 the next morning. I don't always like to break up my long runs like that but if I didn't, I probably wouldn't have done it at all.

Thursday (today) – 5 mile run, 3200 meter swim. I easily could have blow off my run this morning but that nagging guilt feeling dragged my ass out of bed at 5:20am. Legs were sluggish, as to be expected, but I muddled through it, just like I would have if I had run all 15 miles last night.  After work, feeling beaten and tired (yes, more about me being tired, sorry!), I had to force myself to drive straight to the pool.  I think if I would have stopped at home, I would have bailed.  After I finished, I had a little more energy and was so happy that I got this swim in. 

I think I am ready for Race Week next week (duh, stating the obvious!)  Pull back on training, get the body rested for a great 70.3.  I know we all have lulls in our training or life in general and this is one of them for me.  I have been struggling with some other stuff, emotionally, that I think is making me more tired than my actual workouts.  I am to the point though where things are starting to turn around and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hooray!  I am in much need of some family time and will be heading to Florida in a few weeks for a short but sweet weekend.  It will be nice to get away, even if it's only for 3 days.  I think being so far away from family hits me hard a few times throughout the year and when my body is so broken down and beat from the intensity of training, my mind/heart tends to follow closely behind.   I love my sisters and brother SO much and would love it if we all lived closer.  *sigh*


Christi said...

I hope you have a great race!

Heidi Austin said...

wow you sound like me! my bitchi-ness exponentially increases as the week progresses and i'm more tired and more worn out. i think my body hates me!