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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bar Stool Cowboy Bicycle Tour of 2010

I have no idea how I managed to get my ass up at 5:20am this morning but I did.  Last night was fun but I would surely suffer for the lack of sleep on today's ride.  Thankfully I was heading out with Mike and Tim so I knew I would have to push it a little bit.  Most of the time when we ride, they end up a mile or so ahead of me but then kindly wait for me to catch up. It makes me work harded so they're not waiting around forever.

Tim wanted to dedicate today's ride to some idiot Texan that had fallen off a bar stool about a year ago when we had grabbed some burgers at a place near our house.  It was funny then and it was still funny now hence the post title.  Accompanying me (Steer Wrangler Kristina) was Cowboy Mike and Rodeo Clown Tim.  It's fun to give these long rides meaning as the 3 of us are going to all be racing IMFL together. 

We finally got our shit together and left about 6:30am.  There was a very brisk coolness to the air - fall is definitely coming.  However, with almost 3 months left until Ironman, we are going to have plenty of rides in jackets and gloves this time around.  *sigh*  I am kind of sad I am not doing IM Wisconsin this year but like all things, change is good. 

We rode out to Lyons with some nice winds coming in from the north, which kept the temps down.  The weather was perfect!!  We had a few mishaps along the way - it typically ends up that Tim either tries to pass Mike or ride up next to him (on the right, a big NO-NO) and somehow Tim gets run off the road.  Of course this is hilarious to me as I am always in the rear and I see it all go down.  Thankfully no one was hurt!  (But it is still so funny!!) 
81 miles and we were home by noon.  It was great to have this ride done so early.  We saw some beautiful things today...I just love Colorado riding.  Once home, Mike headed out for a 60 minute run off the bike while I turned my attention to the chores around the house.  Getting them done today would mean plenty of free time tomorrow after our long swim.  At about 3, I headed out with the dogs for a short run - taking Luna first, then Willow.  I ended up running 3.5 miles and realized how shredded my hamstrings were from the race and the long run.  My next massage with Magic Hands isn't until August 30th so some self-care is going to have to occur in the meantime. 

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Christi said...

I love the name of your ride! The weather was beautiful this weekend. I didn't ride but I did get in some hikes!

Have another great week of training!