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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Time has passed so quickly... I feel like I blinked twice and all of a sudden it's race day tomorrow.  Wow.  Life has been total chaos for me and I feel like some things are a little out of control.  Not. cool.  I need things to calm down a bit...
Friday 7/30 - I have NO idea what I did. Shit.  Totally brain dead.  Maybe a swim.  Probably.  Shit. 
Sat 7/31 - Brick 55/11 at the Rez.  A good test of the Boulder 70.3 course.
Sun 8/1 - Voluntary Rest Day.  I just had to.  Mike and I just wanted to live a non-IM life for a weekend day.  It was gRreAT!
Mon 8/2 - Ran 4 miles in the morning and rode 20 miles on the trainer after work.
Tue 8/3 - 2 mile open water swim at Cherry Creek Rez in 1:08.  The weather was crap, the waves were insane and I spent a fair amount of time treading (approx 3 minutes) on the first 1/2 mile loop.  I negative split all 4 laps which goes to show that I really do take a long time to warm up!
Wed 8/4 - another 20 mile trainer ride. zzzzzzz
Thu 8/5 - 7 mile run before work with my pal Amy. D and then to the pool for a 1200 meter tempo swim.
Fri 8/6 - Rest, hydrate, rest and pre-race party at the Wilson's!
Today 8/7 - Gettin' ready for Boulder 70.3 tomorrow.  Tried out new tires and took a spin for about 30 minutes outside then made sure my legs still worked with a fast 1 mile run.  I am so excited to get there and race tomorrow.  I have some pretty lofty goals and am looking for an 11 minute PR.  I won't be disappointed if I don't get it because it's just more 'hay in the barn' as Coach Craig would say. 


Christi said...

I am sure you will PR! So go get 'em girl!

Keri said...

I hope you had a great race today!

Amy said...

I can hear you in this blog post - makes me giggle. Great job in the race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!