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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inaugural Boulder 70.3 (formerly known as the Long Course)

This year, Ironman bought the coveted and very popular 5430 race series in Boulder.  Having already competed in the Oly earlier in July, I had some idea of what to expect but having never done an official IM 70.3, I wasn't sure if there would be much difference.  Apart from some additional Ford and Ironman signage and a change in the swim course, there was hardly any difference at all.  This was the 4th year I have competed at this race and I was hoping for yet another PR. 

1.2 Mile Swim
I was in the 8th (of 12) wave and it was well after 7am before we started.  I was really hoping to break 40 minutes on the swim this year but having only been in open water 4 times, I wasn't too disappointed when I came out of the water in 41:59.  However, still an improvement from last year.  I felt good and strong and not panicked and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters because triathlon is not about the swim (even though it annoys the SHIT out of me that I am always 7-10 minutes behind my age group. argh!)

Having a different swim course meant a different exit to transition. A far and uphill exit actually.  Also, my wave area could not have been farther from the swim finish and bike start so my time was sloooow... 4:25 (TURTLE!!)

56 Mile Bike
I wasn't sure what to expect as I had ridden the course last weekend and averaged about 18.1mph.  My only goal today was to break 20mph.  Not sure if that was possible considering how little time I have spent actually riding outside.  However, I dug deep and held on like a mad woman to finish in 2:46:24, averaging 20.2mph.  This was a HUGE breakthrough for me and made me realize that I can be fast on the bike, I just need to do the work! (stop being lazy K and ride the eff outside!!) 

I had a prime location for the bike finish/run start and was so grateful because I really had to go to the bathroom and knew that it was crucial to pee at that point and not worry about it on the run.  (I actually considered peeing while riding my bike but then thought better of it...I didn't want to sit in my own urine and then run in it.  GROSS!!)  3:01.

13.1 Mile Run
Two 6.55 mile loops.  Did I mention it was hot as hell.  Yeah.  96 degrees.  hot.  Like HELL.  and running at the Rez is like running in an oven.  You literally cook under the sun.  It's brutal.  There were walkers everywhere (and even a few people laying on the side of the road) so I put the blinders on and ran my own race.  I was hoping to break 2 hours and came pretty damn close.  2:02:18.  I worked my ass off for that too.  My splits were almost a minute apart - now that's steady pacing and consistancy for you.  That's all I can ask of myself at this point in racing!  (I am going to spend more time at the track...speedwork baby!)

Total time: 5:38:05
A nice 8 minute and 7 second PR.  My goal time was 5:35 so I am really happy with my finish!!!  Now I can put this silly short distance race behind me (cough, cough) and focus on my "A" Race.  I need to do something about my swim though and am thinking of heading to SwimLabs for a little guidance.  I want to be a little bit faster in Florida, if only by a minute.  This silly little thing called pride keeps getting in my way!  Plus I would love to see more bikes in transition this time around...  

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Christi said...

I am so impressed by your whole race! I only wish I could be as fast as you on the swim, bike and run. But you provide me with the inspiration to continue!

Great job on the race!