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Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 2 - Build

I guess I didn't realize last week was my first week of "Build" since it was a race week (which meant lots of rest...that was a HUGE bonus.)  I am feeling pretty good after the 70.3 and am of course doing what every athlete does, overanalyzing my shortfalls and wondering how I can get faster.  The swim is the key area for improvement for me.  This is nothing new though!

Monday I rode the trainer for about 45 minutes after work to spin out the legs before getting a much needed hair cut and highlights.  Hooray for beauty pampering!

Tuesday I woke up early and ran 4 miles, easy.  I surprised myself with very little leg soreness.  After work, I swam 2350 meters, really trying to think about my form.  I decided to schedule a training session at SwimLabs later in the week so I could see exactly what I am doing wrong (and right.)  After my swim, I picked up the infamous Kelly B who has returned from Australia (finally!) after a year of finding herself.  It was like old times as we sat on the patio, listening to music, drinking red wine and pouring out our souls to one another.  I really missed her and am so happy she's home! 

Wednesday was slated for a 32 mile tempo ride.  I got home from work and it was pretty windy so I threw my bike on the trainer for 18 miles.  I decided to give it a go and head outside at that point and the wind had died down, thankfully.  I powered through the final 14 miles and ended up with an average of 18.4mph.  Fast for me and I was super psyched.  Of course that ended in a huge bout of embarassment when I took off my helmet to realize I had forgotten to take of my race sticker from Sunday!!! What a dork I must have looked like.  Oh well.  Nothing new there either...haha.

Thursday was my long run.  18 miles.  I checked the forecast and decided to wake up at 4am and get this over with.  So glad I did too.  It was already in the 70s when I left the house.  ugg.  I started off solid, hitting a 9 minute per mile pace or a little faster but then something changed.  I started to go faster and faster and was testing myself with each mile.  Of course I was way out of the scope of the training plan that Coach had sent me but I didn't care.  I knew I was running in z4 and I just thought if I could hold this pace, then go for it.  By the time I finished, I was spent.  I managed to squeak out 18 miles at-a-mile-above-sea-level-four-days-after-a-half-Ironman in 2:35:01.  That is an average pace of 8:37 seconds per mile.  This used to be my goal race pace and now it's my training pace?  Wow.  wow-wow-wow!  If this isn't a testament to speedwork I don't know what is!  I am so psyched for the Chicago Marathon in October.  WOW!

Friday was a training rest day.  I headed to SwimLabs after work and discovered nothing too exciting or new.  I need to learn how to kick.  Um.  yeah, I knew that.  I need to reach out further when my arms are entering the water.  I need to learn how to bi-lateral breathe.  Overall, I have a good stroke but I just need to tweak some things and really work on good form.  It was cool to see myself - there are mirrors on the bottom and in front of you so you can really get a good idea of what you're doing plus you get a video afterwards .  I am excited for my long swim Sunday to work on all of the things I learned tonight.  After the lesson, I headed to my cousin's house in Centennial where family was visiting and got to spend some quality time with loved ones.  I didn't get home until almost midnight!  Very late for this little triathlete. 

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Great week of training!