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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 20

Seriously? 20 weeks of training has passed?! Shamalamadingdong.  CRIIIIIIIPES!  Holy cow…so much has happened too in those weeks…so, so much. Good, bad, great, sad, babies, highs, lows, divorces and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears. Life is crazy that way. I do my best to live in the moment and not wish away my time, as so many people often do. Wishing for the weekend to get here fast on a Monday or a vacation trip planned for months down the road makes you miss out on so much NOW! Don’t people know that all the time in between you wishing for that day and the actual day arriving IS your life??? As I grow older, I guess I think about that very differently…life is short, precious and should not be taken for granted. Definitely a lesson that I will be sure my (future) child learns and appreciates. I often times feel like I threw away my 20s but in retrospect, if I wasn’t that careless and selfish and stupid, well, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. but. still. I am learning how to let go and forgive *and all that shit* and it sure seems easier to do that for others than it does for oneself. Why the hell is that? Another lesson my (future) child will be taught. Love and be kind to yourself, always and forever. And while I’m at, another lesson will be that she (yes, I am going to have a little girl!) knows how important it is to believe in yourself and know that you can do anything extraordinary, no matter how impossible the goal seems. i.e. completing an Ironman or overcoming your fear of having children…because let’s be honest, if I can do both of those things, I can do ANYTHING and so can you!

This past week was kind of funky for me. Since I was going to Florida for the weekend, I was limited to just running and so I went ahead and switched training weeks, using next week’s stabilizer plan to get me through. I managed to get some solid workouts in though but I did miss the volume, I won’t lie. Especially on the weekend!

Monday – 32 mile ride
Tuesday – 10 mile run in the morning, 2400 yard open water swim at Union rez
Wednesday – Brick – 33 mile ride/6.4 mile run
Thursday – 28 mile ride
Friday – REST
Saturday – 9 mile run in Central Florida. Hot. Humid. Muggy. GROSS.
Sunday – 6 mile run in same conditions but at least with some cloud cover. Still sweaty.  Still GROSS.

I had to bail on my swimming for the week but will be sure to pick the volume back up next week.

Had a terrific 48 hour visit with my sister and her family as well as my brother in Florida.  I miss them like crazy and we're trying to figure out a way for my sister and family to move here.  One can make such a wonderful wish... and pray and pray it comes true.

Ready for next week.  Bring it on Week 21, let's see what you got!


Christi said...

You have passed along some great thoughts and I hope that I am living more in the moment as I age!

I hope your family can move here. I would love to have my family near so I guess I will continue to pray on that also!

michelle.belle. said...

hey there sis. I will try and see you soonly. can I bring some other chicks for a chicks weekend of fun??