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Saturday, September 4, 2010

2.4 Mile Swim, 100 Mile Ride

Another 5am wake up.  Sure could use a day to sleep in but I know when that day comes, my internal alarm clock will spring to life, robbing me of my slumber.  It will be fun after Ironman trying to turn that sucker off. *not*

An organized 2.4 mile open water swim at the Rez and I was really looking forward to it.  However, Mother Nature playing her little games decided to lower her temperature and present to me, the most unideal swim situation.  47 degrees outside.  66 degrees in the water.  I do not fare well in this condition.  And of course, I did not swim well either.  I felt ok at the start but slowly the cooler air temps got to me as my hands and feet went numb and the phlegm buildup in my nose and throat was so great that it was making breathing difficult.  I exited the water 3 minutes slower than last year's time (at 1:26.)  I cried.  I threw a huge pity party for myself.  Silly, I know, but all the same, I was so disappointed.  I was chilled to the bone and it took over 2 hours to warm up.  Thankfully the sun was shining and heating up the day for my looming ride ahead. 

I took a chance and opted to try a new route, one so often taken by those Age Groupers and Pro's training for Kona.  It's not a particularly challening ride technically, as we head east on Highway 52 towards the Eastern Plains.  It is however known for the devestating environmental factor that demoralizes everyone, the wind.  Somehow I managed to shake off the let down of my swim and was lucky enough to catch a crosswind and avoid the soul crushing headwind for most of the ride.  100 miles (6 hours and 8 minutes) later,  I was done.  Toast.  Exhausted.  Relieved.  Starved.  Happy.

It is days like these that I will tuck into the corner of my mind, only to be retrieved on November 6th, when I think I can't go on and realize, I can.  and I will.

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