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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brickerrific Saturday

I awoke at 5am today, just 3 hours after I fell asleep (remember the racing mind?) and slurped down my coffee. Ahhhh, caffeine. Veins. LIFE! I can do this I thought. Ride 70 miles. Run 13.5 miles. And not collapse from exhaustion.

I started my ride out on the trainer at 6am. It’s too dark and too cold that early as training now carries over into the fall. 20 miles later and I was out the door with Mike and Tim for a fun and fast 26 miles. Riding with them was definitely the “tempo” section of my workout. They dropped me off as I met up with Amy D. for another quick paced 24 miles. Breaking my ride up like that was definitely helpful as it made the time pass quickly. The weather was perfect, an ideal fall-like day. Crisp. Cool and sunny. I averaged about 16.4 mph and was pretty happy about that. I am a turtle on the bike when I train – I get so lazy – so it felt good to see that number.

Transitioned to the run and my legs were feeling good. Great actually. It was just one of those days where I felt like I had barely ridden my bike, let alone spent 4 hours and change in the saddle. I was giddy. Gleeful in fact. This was going to be a great run! I wanted to simulate my Ironman goal pace – a 9:07. Mile 1… 8:12. Cripes. Perhaps I should slow down. Ok, a teense. And I did. Somewhat. I completely ignored my training plan and ran z3 the whole way. I was supposed to take it easy . Run that “conversational pace” and be light on my feet. Um. No way. No friggin way. I have no one to talk to so screw the conversation. The days I feel this good, I run with it…literally. Finished 13.5 miles in 1:59:05…an 8:49 pace, 18 seconds under my goal pace and just 5 days after a marathon. Yes, that cute, little marathon…

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Christi said...

Great brick workout! I want to be like you when I heal!