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Monday, September 27, 2010

PEAK ~ Week 1

This is it. 4 weeks until Taper. Holy shit. I [think] I am ready to handle what my Coach is willing to throw at me for the next 4 weeks and after that, all workouts are optional. I got my schedule this weekend and somehow I need to fit in the following workouts in 6 days…oh yeah, work a full time job that is a 40 minute drive away.  This is Ironman baby!  Currently taking applications for all miracles... 

Week 26...1100 meter swim, 2700 meter swim, 4200 meter swim, 35 mile ride, 45 mile ride, 7 mile run, 16 mile run, and the mother of all bricks – an 80 mile ride/15 mile run.

Ok. Deep breath. I can do this. However, friends? Family? You won’t be hearing from me or seeing me for awhile. For about 4 weeks to be exact. I’ll catch you in Taper. Please pray for me (and The Pizza Lover too!) 

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Christi said...

Go kill your workouts and have a blast doing it! I have enjoyed reading about all the work you have been doing for IM Florida and I am really excited to follow you during the race. I am very confident that you are going to kill it! So keep up the good work!