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Friday, September 3, 2010

Several morning Sunrise Running dates ...

After Monday's mash fest massage, I thought I could survive the week and not feel soreness set back in.  WRONG!  No worries though, just a few more weeks left of this until taper.  About 6 or so, I think.  I hope. 

Tuesday morning I actually heard the alarm and got my 8 mile OD run in before work at a 9:05 pace.   Not as fast as I wanted but it was supposed to be a slower run hence the OD.  Which actually means Over Distance pace which equates to easy.  And on some days, slow.  Like snail slow.  But thankfully, not always.  That night I swam 1900 meters at a very snail slow pace. *ugh*  I was still tired. Lack of sleeping is starting to wear thin.

Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday. Alarm goes off at 4am.  I stumble around and finally head out on my endurance run, 14 miles.  I didn't start to feel good until mile 13.  I had nothing in me, no fight, no speed. nada. I forced myself to pick up the pace at mile 13 as I hit an 8:08 and mile 14 hitting an 8:58. My average pace for 14 miles was 9:17, well within my 2010 golden rule of "no long run can be done at an average pace slower than 9:30* but 10 seconds slower than my desired Ironman run pace.  ugg. 

Thursday night I rode the trainer for 35 miles and watched a couple of good movies.  I think I got to bed about 8:30pm and although I didn't sleep all the way through the night, I did feel more rested when I woke up this morning.  That's a start. 

My final run of the week as I again, got up at 4am.  You've got to love the running dates with the darkness.  Today's distance?  12 miles.  And all of them tempo.  I wanted to take part of this workout to the track and rip it up, the best I could.  and shit. Did I have a great run.  Even though my other 2 runs earlier this week were crap.  I mustered up my speed and took it to the streets of Broomfield, beating the sun up for yet another day.  I averaged 8:49's, which is decent for 12 miles but the coolest part of the run happened on the track.  I warmed up for 10 miles before getting there and then ran four 1/4 mile repeats.  I wanted to do eight but didn't have the time.  On my first 1/4 mile, I did the unthinkable and saw a sub 6 minute pace at one point. 5:55.  Holy shit!  Now, of course that wasn't for the entire lap, but the fact that I worked up to that is a miracle in itself.  Mile 10's average pace was 7:10.  Sweet!  Today's run made me happy.  and hopeful.  and strong. and really HAPPY.   

Tomorrow is a BIG training day.  An organized 2.4 mile open water swim at Boulder rez and then a transition to the bike to ride 100 miles.  I am excited and super full right now (lots of water, lots of pasta, lots of bread, *burp*).  Normally, I wouldn't ride after  a swim like that for training but I am running the American Discovery Trail marathon on Monday and wanted to have at least 1 day of taper for it.  ha!

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