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Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 24.

Stabilizer week.  Much needed.  Much, much needed.  Monday...15 mile OD ride in the morning.  Massage in the evening.  Oh my.  75 minutes of deep tissue, bruise making, muscle numbing, vomit inducing massage.  It was incredible.  I know it doesn't sound at all appealing to you normal folk, but to you ultra-endurance athletes, doesn't that sound heavenly?  It was.  Afterwards, I had some even more needed one on one time with my SBF, Jess.  She is moving in just a few weeks to Rhode Island and I am going to freaking miss her like crazy. 

Tuesday, 5 mile OD run in the morning and then I swam 2 miles at Union reservoir after work.  It took about 1:15, nothing earth shattering but more time in the open water.  We are going to do what we can to keep out of the pool, even so far as spending $70 for a Colorado Masters membership so that we can swim at Chatfield reservoir's Gravel Pond until October 2nd.  Yes, we are literally buying time in the open water.

Wednesday mornings are designated to my long run and it was a shorty this week, 12.5 miles (1 mile shorter than the plan but hey, it's stabilizer week. That means all workouts are optional.. to be skipped or modified for a faster recovery.)

Thursday I swapped out my 2600m swim for a ride, 20 miles on the trainer.  I was going to skip working out altogether but wanted to move so riding inside it was. Remember.  NO POOL for as long as I can swing it...

Today was my rest day.  Work went by rather quickly, with a nice lunch in Cherry Creek with Mike.  I think it's the first time he's come down for lunch in over 5 years of me working there.  Pasta dinner tonight and no wine.  Actually, haven't drank since Monday.  Kind of a big deal as it is rather a (bad) habit with dinner.  I have felt great all week though and am even sleeping a little better (with the help of some nice medications of course!)  Tomorrow morning, Mike and I are taking our $35 membership cards and heading down to Chatfield reservoir.  I have a 2.3 mile swim to knock out.  Then, we'll head back home where I will switch into my brick gear and head out for a 41 mile ride/8 mile run.  You can then bet your ass, we'll have a HUGE Chicago Style pizza and I will definitely have a glass of wine with that.   

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Christi said...

I love Chicago pizza! I am glad that you are able to avoid the pool! I just don't have that option.