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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 ... The Chicago Marathon

#47 is in the books! What an amazing day. I am exhausted and I didn’t leave one ounce of energy in the tank. I gave it 110% and despite temperatures climbing well into the 80’s, topping out mid-afternoon at 90, I ran an incredible race. I am chaffed everywhere, and I. mean. Everywhere! Battle scars will remind me of the best Chicago marathon I’ve ever run. My first half was definitely better than my second half but I busted my ass to finish in under 4 hours. I let go of a 3:40 finishing time at about mile 10. It was getting so warm. I started drenching myself in water as early as the first aid station and so my socks and shoes were soaked and I could feel the blisters forming. I hit the half around 1:50 but knew that I could not hold that 8:25 pace for much longer.

I spotted family as early as mile 3 – thanks cousin Pablo! Friends as early as mile 13, family at 14 and then my girlfriend Amy jumped in at mile 14 ½ to help me out a bit. She tried like hell to keep me focused and turning over my feet. We managed an 8:20-8:25 pace until she fell back to pick me up at another spot. She met up with me 2 more times, briefly, giving me just the energy boost I needed. I knew was running 9-somethings but didn’t care. I was going to finish. Despite the heat. Despite the sirens blaring. Despite seeing runners dropping out left and right, cramping, passing out (yes due to heat exhaustion) and even suffering a heart attack. Despite the blisters forming, burn marks on my chest (from tucking my shirt into my bra) – oh the wicked chaffing!

As I turned that corner and saw that I had just 300 meters to go, I mustered up all the energy I had left *which was very little* and started to sprint past the bleachers, finishing in 3:50:27. A 4 minute course PR and another sub-4 marathon this season. I am so happy with my efforts and knew that this day happened exactly as it should have… back to Ironman training. There’s a much bigger race waiting for me and this was just another awesome “training day” to look back on when 11//6 rolls around. It will be tucked in my back pocket, to be pulled out somewhere after mile 114.2 … 26 days until Ironman.

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Christi said...

Congratulations on a great race!

SimplySavy said...

Woohoo, you put me in your blog. I am so glad I got to help you even if it was just a little bit (you too fast for me girl).

Such an inspiration you are.

KK said...

Congrats, K. How fun that your family was there. Way to bust out such a blazing pace despite the temps.

Hope you and Mike are hangin in there. Thinking of you both!

michelle.belle. said...

i need to work on my posture...