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Sunday, October 24, 2010

120 Mile Ride

I am incredibly grateful to have Mike's mom here, helping out, because it allowed for me to do today's workout. My last big ride, my last big workout in fact. Tim came over at 6am and we threw our  bikes on the trainers until about 8am, before taking it outside. 

It was chilly and overcast and as the day carried on, it became increasingly windy. Whoah. Great mental preparation for Ironman. Of course there was a huge void to the ride.  We were missing Mike.  He should have been with us.  *sigh*  Stupid city negligence.

I finished up my final 18 miles on the trainer and was done by 3pm.  I was so tired but relieved to have recovered healthwise to do this ride.  Less than 2 weeks until Ironman.  Early on, it seemed so far away but now it seems like the days are flying by.  I feel so ready.  Panama City Beach tends to be a windy bike course. I am ready for that too. 

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Yoga Teacher Training said...

Great picture of the dog's hair been blown by the wind. It may be captioned with, "Because I'm worth it". What a windy training day!