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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Triumph and Tragedy

This past week was great.  I was happily recovering from Chicago, living in my own little bubble minding my own business.  One might say, things were going pretty well.  I was getting ready for Twin's arrival on Thursday as the time was finally upon us for her 100 mile race in Boulder.  I can't even fathom the training she went through (it makes Ironman look like child's play.)  This race started as a very late night drunken idea back in January when she was visiting for the weekend from Spokane, WA.  She was bored with marathons, grew tired of 50 milers and was ready for more. 

I chalked the sidewalk bright and early on Saturday morning.  She was ready to do this thing.  She was going to make 100 miles her bitch.  We loaded up the cars with her gear and necesseties as well as my bike. Afterall, I still needed to fit in my own training.  Her race started at 9am and I headed out for my ride.  Rode a 32 mile loop before checking back with her and she looked great - I think she was on mile 14 or so.  It was sunny and warm.  As I made my way out for my second loop, Mike was simultaneously making his way out from the house to the rez, where he could offer off some support to Dee. 

About 2 1/2 miles into his ride, tragedy struck.  He hit a 3 inch deep hole in the bike lane, flew over his handle bars and landed in the street.  Thankfully he was conscious.  I received the call (about 8 miles away from my car.)  He was eerily calm when he said "Honey, I crashed my bike.  I broke my collar bone."  I had to ask him, what?  I thought maybe I misheard him or he was playing a joke but he repeated the same thing.  I started to panic.  I was so far from him.  The ambulance was already on its way.  I called our friend Tim who immediately went to the scene of the accident to collect his bike and meet me at the ER. 

The xrays confirmed our fears.  He had broken his collar bone.  The recovery?  6 weeks at best.  He was holding out for some miracle though that he would still be able to race Ironman, just 3 weeks away.  Could he tolerate the pain?  The doctor's answer was grim.  Our hearts were heavy.  Mike and I shed many tears.  He had been training for 32 weeks already... but we both realize it could have been so much worse.  The unthinkable kind of worse...He is already thinking about Plan B.  Can he get into another race later this year, early in 2011? 

In the meantime, Dee was knocking out mile after mile, all through the night and morning.  I ran 7 miles with her last night, getting home about 12:30am.  I was exhausted physically and emotionally, I couldn't even imagine how Dee and Mike were feeling.  What opposite ends of the spectrum they were both on.  I got back to the rez about 8:30am and did what I could to help Dee reach her goal.  And boy did she ever!  She ran 100 miles in 28 1/2 hours!!!  I think something like less than 2% of people who attempt to run their first 100  miler finish.  What a triumph for my Twin! 

We find out tomorrow about Mike's fate as he meets with the surgeon in the morning...


Keri said...

OMG! I am glad he is okay, but so sorry about his collar bone. Bless his heart.

Christi said...

I am so sorry that Mike was injured.