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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

First swim post surgery
Yesterday's swim was a success!  Mike felt great and swam 1000 meters.  I had a hard time recognizing the fact that it had been 9 weeks since his last swim.  Clearly, this is a result of an amazing surgeon and an even more amazing patient.  He did all of the PT that was asked of him outside of actual PT.  He has been so diligent with staying on top of it.  So proud of you baby!!  I swam 2500 meters and felt great. I am really working on my stroke technique and hoping my kick ass swimmer friend Amy R. will spend some time with me in the water when she comes out in January.  She swam for Michigan State and I would be so honored for her to help coach me!

This morning I ran 11 1/2 miles. It was tough.  I have been battling some serious glute/hamstring soreness and tightness.  I haven't been giving myself the tlc I should.  My fault ...100%.  I have a 90 minute massage on Sunday that I can guarantee is going to put me in a world of hurt.  I need to be better to my amazing body that gives me so much.

Tonight, Mike and I are going to celebrate Christmas...in keeping with tradition.  We open all of our gifts except our stockings and are going to watch Christmas Vacation.  I am looking forward to some serious pj and relaxation time...on top of a wonderful dinner and delicious cabernet!  
Christmas Eve


Keri said...

Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

KK said...

Hope you get that hamstring issue sorted out. Who works on you now that magic hands has left us?

Congrats to Mike for getting back into it. Hooray!

You two are cute together. :)

Cara said...

You have been given a Stylish Blogger award. By me. You're it!