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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas to New Year

Often the holidays are a blur.  This year was no different.  2010 came and went so quickly.  For many, many reasons I am glad to see it behind me.  I look forward to a new year.  New hopes.  New challenges to face.  New dreams to chase.

Christmas was fun...Mike and I were little hermits and just enjoyed being together.  No racing around to houses, dealing with the outside world.  It would be wonderful to do that though, don't get me wrong. It would be nice to have to pick and choose which family's house to drive to and when but right now, my family is an airplane ride away.  Not exactly convenient.

Training has been great.  Despite a glute/hamstring issue that I have on my left leg, I am getting excited for the Disney Marathon.  It will be wonderful to be with my family again too! 

New Year's Eve was low-key.  Mike and I went to see The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg.  AMAZING movie.  A must see.  (He's wicked hot in that movie...Mike will concur!)

We leave for Orlando on Thursday.  Can't wait!

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