What the hell is Ditch the Tiara?

Redefining the word beautiful...one dirty, sweaty, bruised up mile at a time, with a few downward dogs along the way...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have been fighting a cold since late last week.  I had to bag some big workouts this weekend...a 3100 meter swim and my 18 mile run.  I got to about mile 3 before I decided to turn around and head home, knowing that the run would have been pure junk if I had finished all 18 miles.  Sometimes, doing nothing at all and resting helps your body actually get stronger than suffering through a useless workout.  Today, I feel so much better and am going to ease back into my training this week.  It's a recovery week and I will do what I need to and go from there...want to be rested for this upcoming weekend so I can hit my run hard....making a decision to rest can be hard but in the end it is always the best one!


Christi said...

I love the comic!

Yoga Teacher Training said...

Sometimes, we tend to push ourselves too hard. When the body needs rest, it is vital to give it time to recover because if one doesn't, not only do hey suffer but might even lose their motivation.