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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Disney Marathon #48

After a big ol' traditional pasta dinner last night, the 3:15am alarm came all too quickly.  It was startling in all reality.  This is ridiculous.  Get up in the middle of the night to run a marathon that will have you finished by the time most normal people are finishing reading the paper and drinking their 2nd cup o' joe?  I am all for working out and racing but this is a little early Disney World.  I mean. seriously.

Nate and I got to the race start at about 4:30 am.  We probably should have paid attention to where we parked *because at 11am, we had NO clue where the car was and spent 40 minutes looking for it. der!*  We were herded like cattle to the start corrals.  I was originally in Corral H (dead last with the newbies and walkers) and Nate was in Corral E.  I had forgotten to submit a qualifying time to get me closer to the front.  Duh.  At about 10pm last night, I realized that given the right circumstances, an H could indeed look like an E.  and in all fairness, I would have probably been in corral B anyways so I don't consider this to be a big deal really.  We did have a baby blessing to get to at 2pm today!  I did it to save time.  Truly.  We were both in Corral E. 

My goal was to keep Nate at an even pace and I really wanted to get him done in under 4:20.  I know he had hopes of 4 hours and I thought we might be able to pull it off but within the first few miles, I knew that it wasn't realistic.  It was chilly and it could have been very easy to blow it up but I made sure he was on a pace that he could handle for 26.2 miles.   We had a blast for the first 21 miles or so as we made our way through Epcot, The Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  I stopped to take pictures and was Facebooking as well as Twittering along the way.  I loved being able to share the experience, live, with our family. 

Magic Kingdom
Me and Some Chipmunks
Nate's race started at about mile 22.  I could tell that he was starting to hurt - the miles were taking their toll.  He became a little more quiet, a little less enthusiastic, as I chirped on and chatted away.  I told him to keep his blinders on and ignore everyone who was walking.  I told him to dig deep, making him aware that he was stronger than he thought he was.  I just told him to stick with me.  I ran ahead slightly and really started to push the pace at mile 24.  At mile 25, I let it all out and I told him that this was temporary, it was almost over and that the suffering would be worth it.  We picked up the pace that last mile by almost 90 seconds.  He did this race in 2004 (I think?) and finished it in 5:27.  As we hauled ass around the final corner and we could see all the spectators screaming and cheering (I picked out my family immediately), I started screaming and sprinting.  Nate followed suit and together, we crossed the finish line in 4:13 bitches!  A 74 minute PR by a kid who started training for this marathon weighing 30+ lbs more than he did today.  I am so proud of my brother-in-law.  What a rockstar!!!!! 

Also, please know that Mike ran the Disney Half Marathon yesterday in 2:09...simply AMAZING considering all he has been through....another ROCKSTAR! And Nate and Amy's friend Vanessa ran her first half-marathon ever in 2:14...nice work girl!!  I would also like to note that our first half was only 44 seconds faster than our second...I am a damn good pacer!!!  Next up?  Marathon #49 next month in the Lone Star State...look out Texas, I'm coming to Austin!

Amy, Nate, Me and Mike

Vanessa, Nate, Mike and I
The Runners


Our medals! (Mine is the beer)



Christi said...

I love your medal!

Congrats to all the finishers!

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

Congratulations on the run.