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Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Ride

We have been graced these past few days with some really warm, sunny weather.  I mean so warm that my-friends-in-the-midwest/east-hate-me-so-much kind of warm.  Sunshine and all.  Today was in the low 60s but as Mike and I rolled out around 12:45pm, the cloud cover hung over a little bit longer than anticipated, causing it to seem cooler than it actually was.  Windy too.  The flags were flying perfectly horizontal as they saluted the mountains.  So, we either had to fight a cross wind or suck it up and enjoy some wind at our backs for awhile before we had to turn around.  Either way, it was going to be a tough day mentally. 

And it was.  It tooks us much longer than we hoped to ride 60 miles.  I probably could have dressed a little warmer.  Mike too!  He said his feet felt like little iceboxes.  It's funny how 60 degrees is really warm when you're running, even warmer when you're just outside gardening and super chilly when you're riding.  The highlight of the ride was stopping at the general store in Hygiene.  Hygiene is a hot spot for cyclists to take a break...a cute little, biker-friendly town.  I bought a slice of gluten free banana nut bread and it was to die for!  All buttery and moist...by far the tastiest I've ever had!!!  It made the dread of 30 more miles to go, in the wind, fade away...albeit momentarily.  haha. 

We got home just before 5pm, beating sundown.  barely.  It felt so good to be out there again...who knows how long this warmth will last.  Spring fever is definitely in the air in Colorado and it's January 30th.  Crazy!  On tap for the night?  Pizza (chicago-style, of course! IPAs and Salt with Angelina Jolie...hope she doesn't disappoint!)


Christi said...

I had a great ride on Thursday afternoon. I rearranged my work day just to get out and do my long ride. You are right though the temp did feel different than it did just standing outside. My feet were frozen also!

KK said...

I rode that day too and it was awesome! Went into the general store and it was awesome! Didn't have any money, but I won't make that mistake again. :)