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Monday, January 31, 2011

Our biggest fear, realized...again.

For 3 years, we protected our oldest pup, Luna, from reliving a torn ACL. Her left knee had been operated on and was stable.  It was just a matter of time.   We kept her weight down.  We tried to limit her puppy like rants and crazy runs.  However, after almost 3 years, our biggest fear was realized after she jumped off the couch to catch up with her crazy little sister in a game of tug o'war.  It was surreal as we watched her slide onto the hardwood and fall onto her backside. and we knew.  Mike and I.  without question.  She had torn her right ACL.  She instantly picked up her back leg.  We looked at each other.  Tears welling up in our eyes.  Fear filling our hearts.  Dread of what was to come.  Surgery. 8-12 weeks recovery.  The horse crate being resurrected in the living room.  The cone. Her inactivity.  Her impatience.  Our breaking hearts.  She will go to the vet tomorrow morning and I will be told what I don't want to hear.  Her best chances for a thriving life will be a second TPLO surgery.  I need strength.  I need to find it for her.  and for me. 
My precious baby, Luna